Do You See What I See?

Monday, March 28, 2005

And The Story Begins...

Well, finally, I got this started.

I've wanted to restart my blogging since I finished high school about six months ago, but I spent so long trying to decide where I wanted to do it. I spent a little while at Livejournal except I suffer from a huge lack of creativity and the templates weren't to my liking. There are some things that I don't like about Blogger but I love the designs. It took me a while to get this particular 'look' working so that probably means I will begin to hate it in a week.

I use to blog extensively about two years, possibly even three. Do I look like a calendar? Basically, it was that nauseating teenage angst that even reading the entries makes me want to burn them, even though they are on a computer, in the world wide web.

First of all, you will probably notice my atrocious grammar. My spelling isn't that bad because I can see that the words don't look 'right' but my grammar leaves a lot to be desired. You see, I am a result of modern schooling, which in actual fact when you look at it now, isn't so much. However, we missed that whole study of infinitives, prefix and syntax and my extent of grammar knowledge was learning that nouns, adjectives and verbs are, in order, naming words, describing words and doing words, so as you can see, I'm really set for life.
Although, I am supposedly a product of the 'Internet Generation' or whatever word has been coined that is 'clever', I do like capital letters, full stops, no Internet shorthand and all those wonderful things so I encourage that if you are commenting.