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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

If I Was a Child..

I would jump around the room going, "nah nah nah".

Brigadier shocks and awes: there is no war on terrorism

Wouldn't it be great to hear some lovely PR spin from Howard trying to counter-act these comments. Of course, it would just be pandering and would make me need to head to the closest sink or toilet but finally, it is out there in the mainstream media, there can't be a 'war on terror' and therefore this travesty that Bush, Howard and Co are shoving on the world is not a 'war on terror'.

What A 'Solution' - Hiding the Information

In my random travels around the internet, I came across this 'lovely' article.

First of all, I would like to think that I am quite a tolerant person. I don't believe in hiding from information, no matter what it says because I believe that we should read and understand not only the literature that supports our present viewpoint on something but also to read literature that we disagree with because we can understand ourselves so much more - I guess that is why I go to places such as TownHall, visit religious blogs and watch horrible television such as the Fox News channel - places that I must admit, I rarely agree with but nonetheless

So to the article thou set forth:
Of course, they don't call themselves communists. They prefer the term "socialist." Whether they are pushing socialized medicine, decrying the privatization of social security, or trying to subordinate our foreign policy interests to those of the U.N., they give themselves away immediately.

Wow. That is fantastic to hear. I'm a "socialist" but really a "communist" because I'm one of those 'evil' people who think is is absolutely horrible and inhumane that people cannot receive the medical treatment they need to simply get by in life. Shame on me. I'm also one of those 'evil' people who thinks that America shouldn't control the world and shove it's personal interests (Read: Corporate Money Making) on the rest of the universe. Shame on me. Let me just highlight, as well, how much I 'love' the way in which 'terms' such as a 'socialists' and 'communists' are bad words. Interesting also to note that communism has never existed in any way or form. Lets also note that Scandinavian countries are 'socialist' countries and they have great human rights records, a greater standard of living, lower crime levels. Damn those socialists!
Hardly a day goes by without parents asking me for advice on how to protect their children from the harmful secular and socialist influences they will encounter in college.

They are in college and they need 'protection' from other people's point of view. People can't hide away form the simply fact that there other views out there so rather than slamming them as simply wrong, challenge their ideas for why you believe they are so wrong.

Ignorance is not bliss. But rather creates a society where we are not aware of one another. Aware of other people's feelings and aware of the fact that there are other views out there in the 'Big Bad World' so rather than hiding away from this, jump forth into it. If you are religious, read some literature from a non-religious perspective. If you are not religious, read some literature from a religious perspective.

But most of all, take one another's views as a view. Don't farm it off as a 'liberal' view or a 'conservative' view but rather as a 'persons' view. I don't see any problem with this but if you do, please enlighten me.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I Want To Be Sick

Clean Your Screen

I'm not a cat person. As my mother and a friend from school, Gemma use to say, "The only good cats are dead ones". But that link is disgusting. I feel repulsed and thus had to share it with you all because I'm a sharing and caring type of person *wink*

I'm curious - is it a sign that YOU HAVE NO LIFE when you get annoyed repeatedly when one of your favourite haunts on the net - TWoP Forums is down. I had half an hour free on Friday between my classes so I just thought I'd quickly check it but it was down and 24 hours later, it is still down. I'm quite impatient.

You would think that the forums being down would mean that I would get deep into the two papers that I have due on Friday? Of course not! One of the papers is for 'The Most Boring Class That Was Ever Made A Class' although it might just be because the Lecturer who is also my Tutor who is also the Unit Coordinator is annoying and boring as hell.

The other paper is for my Ineqaulity and Human Rights class. It is a Case Study on human rights abuse and it appears that everyone in the Unit is either doing something on Cornelia Rau or Terri Schiavo.

I haven't decided what I am going to do yet. I was thinking of examining the boundary between 'Free Speech' and 'Hate Speech', bringing in examples such as the KKK and the 'battle' between the Day of Silence and the Day of Truth. I just have to clarify with my tutor whether I can do this or whether I have to just choose ONE case of human rights abuse and analyse that specifically. It's very confusing and I am also annoyed in that she was meant to email me comments and my marks for my first discussion paper and it would be quite comforting to understand how that 'ranked' in University Writing Level as I like to call it but I still haven't received anything even though she said Saturday Morning when really I was meant to get it yesterday but she hadn't finished with it just yet and I had to get to another class that I was already late for.

I really should be working on those papers too, not just for obvious reasons but the fact that this will be a busy week.

I'm working tomorrow for four hours (two birthday parties) although I'm doing the first party by myself - my first one! Hopefully the program pool is fixed and in working order so that it will be much easier to play games etc. IIRC, it was about ten 11 year old girls so hopefully they are well behaved for me. I also have to try and get to the local library tomorrow - I only have about 20 minutes to do this because the library opens at Noon and closes at 4pm and the parties start at 1pm and finish at 5pm. Unless I just do it on

So that means that Sunday is basically 'wiped out'. On Monday, I have classes from 11 to 2 so I should try and get some work done in the afternoon. I'm working at the Kids Holiday Program on Tuesday from 12.30pm to 5pm so I'll probably be buggered after that. I have an afternoon class at 3pm on Wednesday so I should do a lot of the work in the morning and luckily I have the whole of Thursday free at the moment - 2 1,500 word papers should be interesting - one by 5pm and another by 3pm, even though I have classes from 9am.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Spring Cleaning? Give Me Dirt

I just finished watching the latest episode of Joan of Arcadia.

And therefore, I have this insane urge to dirty my already dirty bedroom even more, not have a shower for ten days and stay in the same clothes for a week.

Why, you ask? Because I have heard the word 'clean' and been lectured about 'cleaniness' in the most anvilcious way for 45 minutes.

I could got the easy way out and simply say three words to sum up this episode: "Shut Up, Helen". Seriously, she was so nauseatingly and irritating that she made Amanda Vanstone look like a compassionate human being.

The 'Tuchman' storyline was quite boring. There was no purpose to it - the exact plotline was used in a recent episode of Veronica Mars. Not only done well but had a purpose to the canon, as a whole. Why not mix it up? Some gender bending if it doesn't have a purpose to the plot - why don't we have a woman dealing with relationships with a male student and not just the stereotype that "they actually love each other".

I thought the writer of the episode was below par (nothing new this season) - creating plotlines that relied on tired and boring gender stereotype:
Kevin: What do women want?
Helen: Shoes.
I won't mind if Joan of Arcadia is cancelled. Put it out of it's misery because the writing and plotlines are becoming painful to watch. What happened to the beautiful, thought-provoking episodes? Don't say that things change because things can not change that much that a friend jokes that you have to be paid to get through an episode or that they would prefer to watch an hour of Bold and the Beautiful.

At least, I hear with UTTER joy that Veronica Mars has been renewed for a second season. Dawn Ostroff is smarter than the rest of the Network CEO.

Off to bed because I have to get up for boring classes in the morning - I should bring a pillow!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Heart Just Breaks

Ms. Magazine | Between A Woman And Her Doctor

It may be slightly old (Summer 2004), I only came across this link as I was searching through some archives.

It makes my heart ache, not only for what happened to this woman but the prospect of the future. That things like this will not only continue but will get worse.

I have this debate quite often, (such as when I am caught reading Feminist books by the hot guy in my class and he has to make an arsey comment about it - Strike! Off the Hot List) that we simply live in a world where women ARE second class citizens, where there IS a war against women.

I am extremely pro-choice. That does not mean that I am 'pro-abortion', I simply believe that all women, no matter what, deserve the right to make decisions that affect their own body.

I have been a 'Feminist' my whole life, even before I heard of the word or understood its context. I was the type of girl who would play any sport simply because she enjoyed it. I played soccer when I was growing up. I was the only girl on the team which I was made aware of all the bloody time. I was also the girl who was asked to leave the team because I was "too rough" with the boys. I'm all about breaking down stereotypes. Breaking down the boxes that not only men put women in, but women themselves.

I don't plan to have children but I really hope that we can have a future where there is no gender role for boys or girls to fill. That they can have their own individual spirit that demonstrates who they are as people, not what particular 'sex' they were born as.

I hope and work my damnest to ensure this type of future and try and make it the present but I really fear that the direction that the world is taking in April, 2005 is a scary one for women.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Bells Have Chimed

There is so much to post - when you leave for a few days, there are so many things you want to comment on - the latest episode of Veronica Mars and why it is taking so damn long for the lastest Joan of Arcadia to finish downloading. But I think it is fitting to comment, firstly, on the death of the Pope.

Reading my usual blog haunts, he appears to be a topic of conversation - whether to Catholics or just people.

I grew up in a Catholic family, I went to Catholic school my whole life and I almost went to a Catholic university, except I am not Catholic. I don't like to label my beliefs because one word does qualify the various points of view that I may have on an issue or situation but the best way to put it that I am Agnostic/Secular Humanist. I begun to draw away from the Church when I was about twelve, when I begun to think about the world I lived in. As I grew up, Catholic views weren't Catholic views but just The Views and I begun to realise the hypocrisy of The Church and I realised a lot of things that I grew up believing just was, weren't actually true.

I dont know how I am suppose to feel. I think it is sad that he is dead, not because of the fear of death or the idea that death is an evil but that fact that people do love him, do admire him and care for him and his lose is overwhelming to them. However, I really think that he is an old man who has passed away. Maybe it is because I am not at school anymore, surrounded by Catholics but I don't feel the sorrow. I see the people who are mourning his death in St. Peter's Square and I feel for their pain but I just don't understand or maybe I just can't feel the same way.

There is the common phrase at the moment, "He was the only Pope I have ever known" and that is true for me. The Pope actually came to my local town when he visited Australia in 1986 - I was only four months old. My brother seemed really upset over the Pope's death that although he was working all day, he was going to go to Church at some point. I guess because he is still close to the Brothers at his former school.

Maybe the Pope is a reflection of what drew me away from the Church but still allows me to hold it in some 'light'. I dislike the rhetoric of 'life' that is hypocritical and disagree fully with the views on abortion, euthanasia and contraception but I admire the social justice ideas of removing poverty, helping those in need and opposing war and violence.

One of the really nice comments I read today about the Pope articulates and expresses a lot of my same views and I share it with you:The Next Hurrah: Forgiveness