Do You See What I See?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Bells Have Chimed

There is so much to post - when you leave for a few days, there are so many things you want to comment on - the latest episode of Veronica Mars and why it is taking so damn long for the lastest Joan of Arcadia to finish downloading. But I think it is fitting to comment, firstly, on the death of the Pope.

Reading my usual blog haunts, he appears to be a topic of conversation - whether to Catholics or just people.

I grew up in a Catholic family, I went to Catholic school my whole life and I almost went to a Catholic university, except I am not Catholic. I don't like to label my beliefs because one word does qualify the various points of view that I may have on an issue or situation but the best way to put it that I am Agnostic/Secular Humanist. I begun to draw away from the Church when I was about twelve, when I begun to think about the world I lived in. As I grew up, Catholic views weren't Catholic views but just The Views and I begun to realise the hypocrisy of The Church and I realised a lot of things that I grew up believing just was, weren't actually true.

I dont know how I am suppose to feel. I think it is sad that he is dead, not because of the fear of death or the idea that death is an evil but that fact that people do love him, do admire him and care for him and his lose is overwhelming to them. However, I really think that he is an old man who has passed away. Maybe it is because I am not at school anymore, surrounded by Catholics but I don't feel the sorrow. I see the people who are mourning his death in St. Peter's Square and I feel for their pain but I just don't understand or maybe I just can't feel the same way.

There is the common phrase at the moment, "He was the only Pope I have ever known" and that is true for me. The Pope actually came to my local town when he visited Australia in 1986 - I was only four months old. My brother seemed really upset over the Pope's death that although he was working all day, he was going to go to Church at some point. I guess because he is still close to the Brothers at his former school.

Maybe the Pope is a reflection of what drew me away from the Church but still allows me to hold it in some 'light'. I dislike the rhetoric of 'life' that is hypocritical and disagree fully with the views on abortion, euthanasia and contraception but I admire the social justice ideas of removing poverty, helping those in need and opposing war and violence.

One of the really nice comments I read today about the Pope articulates and expresses a lot of my same views and I share it with you:The Next Hurrah: Forgiveness