Do You See What I See?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Heart Just Breaks

Ms. Magazine | Between A Woman And Her Doctor

It may be slightly old (Summer 2004), I only came across this link as I was searching through some archives.

It makes my heart ache, not only for what happened to this woman but the prospect of the future. That things like this will not only continue but will get worse.

I have this debate quite often, (such as when I am caught reading Feminist books by the hot guy in my class and he has to make an arsey comment about it - Strike! Off the Hot List) that we simply live in a world where women ARE second class citizens, where there IS a war against women.

I am extremely pro-choice. That does not mean that I am 'pro-abortion', I simply believe that all women, no matter what, deserve the right to make decisions that affect their own body.

I have been a 'Feminist' my whole life, even before I heard of the word or understood its context. I was the type of girl who would play any sport simply because she enjoyed it. I played soccer when I was growing up. I was the only girl on the team which I was made aware of all the bloody time. I was also the girl who was asked to leave the team because I was "too rough" with the boys. I'm all about breaking down stereotypes. Breaking down the boxes that not only men put women in, but women themselves.

I don't plan to have children but I really hope that we can have a future where there is no gender role for boys or girls to fill. That they can have their own individual spirit that demonstrates who they are as people, not what particular 'sex' they were born as.

I hope and work my damnest to ensure this type of future and try and make it the present but I really fear that the direction that the world is taking in April, 2005 is a scary one for women.