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Saturday, April 16, 2005

I Want To Be Sick

Clean Your Screen

I'm not a cat person. As my mother and a friend from school, Gemma use to say, "The only good cats are dead ones". But that link is disgusting. I feel repulsed and thus had to share it with you all because I'm a sharing and caring type of person *wink*

I'm curious - is it a sign that YOU HAVE NO LIFE when you get annoyed repeatedly when one of your favourite haunts on the net - TWoP Forums is down. I had half an hour free on Friday between my classes so I just thought I'd quickly check it but it was down and 24 hours later, it is still down. I'm quite impatient.

You would think that the forums being down would mean that I would get deep into the two papers that I have due on Friday? Of course not! One of the papers is for 'The Most Boring Class That Was Ever Made A Class' although it might just be because the Lecturer who is also my Tutor who is also the Unit Coordinator is annoying and boring as hell.

The other paper is for my Ineqaulity and Human Rights class. It is a Case Study on human rights abuse and it appears that everyone in the Unit is either doing something on Cornelia Rau or Terri Schiavo.

I haven't decided what I am going to do yet. I was thinking of examining the boundary between 'Free Speech' and 'Hate Speech', bringing in examples such as the KKK and the 'battle' between the Day of Silence and the Day of Truth. I just have to clarify with my tutor whether I can do this or whether I have to just choose ONE case of human rights abuse and analyse that specifically. It's very confusing and I am also annoyed in that she was meant to email me comments and my marks for my first discussion paper and it would be quite comforting to understand how that 'ranked' in University Writing Level as I like to call it but I still haven't received anything even though she said Saturday Morning when really I was meant to get it yesterday but she hadn't finished with it just yet and I had to get to another class that I was already late for.

I really should be working on those papers too, not just for obvious reasons but the fact that this will be a busy week.

I'm working tomorrow for four hours (two birthday parties) although I'm doing the first party by myself - my first one! Hopefully the program pool is fixed and in working order so that it will be much easier to play games etc. IIRC, it was about ten 11 year old girls so hopefully they are well behaved for me. I also have to try and get to the local library tomorrow - I only have about 20 minutes to do this because the library opens at Noon and closes at 4pm and the parties start at 1pm and finish at 5pm. Unless I just do it on

So that means that Sunday is basically 'wiped out'. On Monday, I have classes from 11 to 2 so I should try and get some work done in the afternoon. I'm working at the Kids Holiday Program on Tuesday from 12.30pm to 5pm so I'll probably be buggered after that. I have an afternoon class at 3pm on Wednesday so I should do a lot of the work in the morning and luckily I have the whole of Thursday free at the moment - 2 1,500 word papers should be interesting - one by 5pm and another by 3pm, even though I have classes from 9am.