Do You See What I See?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Spring Cleaning? Give Me Dirt

I just finished watching the latest episode of Joan of Arcadia.

And therefore, I have this insane urge to dirty my already dirty bedroom even more, not have a shower for ten days and stay in the same clothes for a week.

Why, you ask? Because I have heard the word 'clean' and been lectured about 'cleaniness' in the most anvilcious way for 45 minutes.

I could got the easy way out and simply say three words to sum up this episode: "Shut Up, Helen". Seriously, she was so nauseatingly and irritating that she made Amanda Vanstone look like a compassionate human being.

The 'Tuchman' storyline was quite boring. There was no purpose to it - the exact plotline was used in a recent episode of Veronica Mars. Not only done well but had a purpose to the canon, as a whole. Why not mix it up? Some gender bending if it doesn't have a purpose to the plot - why don't we have a woman dealing with relationships with a male student and not just the stereotype that "they actually love each other".

I thought the writer of the episode was below par (nothing new this season) - creating plotlines that relied on tired and boring gender stereotype:
Kevin: What do women want?
Helen: Shoes.
I won't mind if Joan of Arcadia is cancelled. Put it out of it's misery because the writing and plotlines are becoming painful to watch. What happened to the beautiful, thought-provoking episodes? Don't say that things change because things can not change that much that a friend jokes that you have to be paid to get through an episode or that they would prefer to watch an hour of Bold and the Beautiful.

At least, I hear with UTTER joy that Veronica Mars has been renewed for a second season. Dawn Ostroff is smarter than the rest of the Network CEO.

Off to bed because I have to get up for boring classes in the morning - I should bring a pillow!