Do You See What I See?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What A 'Solution' - Hiding the Information

In my random travels around the internet, I came across this 'lovely' article.

First of all, I would like to think that I am quite a tolerant person. I don't believe in hiding from information, no matter what it says because I believe that we should read and understand not only the literature that supports our present viewpoint on something but also to read literature that we disagree with because we can understand ourselves so much more - I guess that is why I go to places such as TownHall, visit religious blogs and watch horrible television such as the Fox News channel - places that I must admit, I rarely agree with but nonetheless

So to the article thou set forth:
Of course, they don't call themselves communists. They prefer the term "socialist." Whether they are pushing socialized medicine, decrying the privatization of social security, or trying to subordinate our foreign policy interests to those of the U.N., they give themselves away immediately.

Wow. That is fantastic to hear. I'm a "socialist" but really a "communist" because I'm one of those 'evil' people who think is is absolutely horrible and inhumane that people cannot receive the medical treatment they need to simply get by in life. Shame on me. I'm also one of those 'evil' people who thinks that America shouldn't control the world and shove it's personal interests (Read: Corporate Money Making) on the rest of the universe. Shame on me. Let me just highlight, as well, how much I 'love' the way in which 'terms' such as a 'socialists' and 'communists' are bad words. Interesting also to note that communism has never existed in any way or form. Lets also note that Scandinavian countries are 'socialist' countries and they have great human rights records, a greater standard of living, lower crime levels. Damn those socialists!
Hardly a day goes by without parents asking me for advice on how to protect their children from the harmful secular and socialist influences they will encounter in college.

They are in college and they need 'protection' from other people's point of view. People can't hide away form the simply fact that there other views out there so rather than slamming them as simply wrong, challenge their ideas for why you believe they are so wrong.

Ignorance is not bliss. But rather creates a society where we are not aware of one another. Aware of other people's feelings and aware of the fact that there are other views out there in the 'Big Bad World' so rather than hiding away from this, jump forth into it. If you are religious, read some literature from a non-religious perspective. If you are not religious, read some literature from a religious perspective.

But most of all, take one another's views as a view. Don't farm it off as a 'liberal' view or a 'conservative' view but rather as a 'persons' view. I don't see any problem with this but if you do, please enlighten me.