Do You See What I See?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ahh The Cornfields

I like corny songs. Yes, I admit it, you may pick yourselves up from the floor. As evidence I will provide you with the songs that I have listened to this morning. Please don't judge me.

  • Kelly Clarkson - You Found Me
  • Starfield - Alive In This Moment
  • Emiliana Torrini - Sound of Silence
  • Wendy Matthews - Beloved
However, the corniest song at this present moment would have to be Megan Mccauley's Wonder. A listen to the song and a look at the lyrics. I came across the song when I was looking at One Tree Hill fan videos. Shut up! It was when I was looking for a scene to tease somebody about but I didn't have broadband yet to download the whole episode. I liked the rhythm of the song when I first heard it and enjoyed the way the the guitars come in to strength the song. Yes, you can tell that I have zero skills in musical terminology. Anyhow, I actually listened to the lyrics and then I got a Big Surprise. I realised that I am just burdened with things. Specifically, this line:
Breathing's a burden we all have to bear
Man, here I thought I was just coasting along with my only burden is to finish off that bloody uni paper that I left to the final minute but now I learn that I have got the huge, ginormous burden of breathing. Yes, I think I deserve donations for doing something so spectacular and to aid me in my ability to handle this pressure.
Seriously though, how blatantly stupid is that line. I don't care if you were trying to be rhyme something. That is just wrong. Now I cant listen to the song without giggling at the stupidity of the song. Luckily I don't know who 'Megan Mccauley' is or what she looks like. All I know is that she should step far far away from any pen and paper. No, Meggy, you do not need to share your talent!

And on that note, I will turn my media player to Hanson's I Will Come To You.