Do You See What I See?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm Not Sorry

I'm really quite annoyed that I havent been able to blog to the extent that I originally wanted to when I restarted my 'blogging days'.

However, rather than moaning about that, I just wanted to provide some great links (not time for in depth comments)
Blog of I'

It is really refreshing for there to be another point of view out there. The best thing about the website is the picture on the homepage - the massive amount of people in that march. It brings the 'warm fuzzies'.

Which is something that I don't think I will be feeling when I watch the latest episode of Veronica Mars where we find out who raped Veronica. I have a feeling it will include the need for tissues and shouts of 'I want my teddy'.

I am also reading one of the Gossip Girl books at the moment - I really enjoy YA novels so I like to read a varied type and I have heard this series discussed in the context of many other young 'female' books. In short, I'm scared that there are people like that 'out there'. I already knew they were but reading their daily routines makes it more real - the superficiality is just freaky!