Do You See What I See?

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Reading about the disappearance and sadly the possible murder of the two children from Idaho, I was reminded of an identical case from 2002 that I researched at the time.

I was in Year 10 and for my computer studies class we had to develop a powerpoint presentation using certain skills to gain full marks. Basic things such as inserting video, manipulating images and using various slide transitions. My subject for the presentation was a recognition of the events of 2001 as far. I remember there being the introduction of the Euro and the school shooting in Erfurt, Germany. I have a copy of the presentation somewhere.

Anyhow, a large part of the presentation was an exploration of the various girls who had gone missing during the Juneish part of that year. It included Samantha Runnion, Elizabeth Smart, Holly Wells, Jessica Chapman and Jennifer Short. One amusing aspect was when after the presentation, a small discussion of the various missing girls developed and I remember specifically there was talk about how if only they could find Elizabeth Smart's body to give her family closure. Ironically, in a few months time, Elizabeth would be found and everyone at school just had to tell me!

However a sadder aspect was that of Jennifer Short's case which also parallels the Idaho case in some ways was that other family members were violently killed and there was just no sign of the children. I remember wondering, after Elizabeth Smart was found, that all the cases were resolved apart from Jennifer Short's. Little did I know that it was, to some extent. I learnt today that her body was found - she was killed in the same manner as her parents. This article illustrates the sadness of the situation: she was nine and yet she was all alone at her funeral - the deputies acted as pall bearers. For some reason, that just breaks my heart.

This is basically a pointless post.. or at least more pointless than usual!. I thought it was symbolic of the way we can mourn and shed tears for someone we will never know - we only knew her in death. I think that is one of the 'beauties' of humanity - the grief and heartbreak that we can feel simple because someone else is in terrible pain. We mourn the loss because they were taken from society in such tragic circumstances - the humanity of a young innocent child was destroyed and we will not know because the case is cold.