Do You See What I See?

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Creation of Religion

Thankfully the issue of Creationism vs Evolution in schools has not come up in Australia in the way that it is commonplace in America with issues such as Kansas placing stickers that state that Evolution is just a theory and the subsequent removal of these stickers as well.

Pharyngula has an interesting post about the actions of a Virginian schoolteacher who created his own Creationist textbook that was 'optional' but received extra credit.

One of my issues with people who feel the need for their own religious beliefs to be taught in public schools is would they be so 'needing' of freedom of speech/expression if another parent/teacher wanted their Satanist or pagan views to be taught to their children in a public school.

Which brings me to something that has been hanging in my head for quite a while. As it is well documented here, I went to a religious school. I graduated in September/November 2004 and after that time began to keep track of various Christian/Catholic blogs and news sites to get their point of view on issues just to see what the 'other half' is thinking as I don't have my 'everyday access' to it as I use to. It is quite funny that after being in direct contact with Christians/Catholics for thirteen years, I have worked out that my Catholic education was very open and very accepting. Now when I read the daily ramblings of these 'Catholics' who ironically don't display very 'Christian' attitudes, my dislike for the Catholic Church's point of view has grown into utter annoyance for the denomination as a whole. I try to be open and not bias but the attitudes towards others that these people display just utterly disgusts me.

Linking back to the original point - why is it that a child can be described as a 'Catholic child' but you never hear a description of a 'Marxist child' or a 'Fascist child' or a 'Socialist child' - are they not both doctrines? I do not understand why religion is placed on a pedestal' above every other feature in society as though it is the be all and end all. Why is it alright to 'indoctrinate' our children with 'Catholic', 'Jewish', 'Muslim' ideals but not 'Fascist' or 'Marxist' ideals? I would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me.