Do You See What I See?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Skirt Is The Root Of All Problems

Whilst reading of the young American student who has gone missing in Aruba on a school graduation trip, I came across this article from the 'good people' at that "Fair and Balanced" Fauxnews.

Those good people have solved the big question of why this girl went missing and I don't understand why no one else has seen this:
Dressed in the same blue-and-green striped, low-cut blouse and denim miniskirt that she wore at the beach earlier in the day

Now that explains it all.

Seriously though, why does it matter that her top was "low cut". I can just imagine someone who thinks that they have seen Natalee but "oh, I don't think that is a low-cut top". What irritates me is the insinuation about her clothing - we have an eighteen year old female in a foreign country who has gone missing but we have to be informed that rather than just a blue and green striped top, we need to know that it was "low cut".

This language use and insinuation is common and that is what is most frightful. It stems from the "unvictimisation" that a victim of rape will experience. When a person is robbed they are rarely, if ever, asked whether they fought off the attacker. We don't hear about the fact that they may have had their bag open, just 'asking' to be robbed. However, when a woman is raped they are asked whether they fought off their attacker because of course every woman is just rearing to have unconsensual sex. Add that to the common incident of their clothing being 'alluring', 'enticing', heck YELLING for them to be raped and the blatant sexism that is so rampant and unchecked in society lives on.