Do You See What I See?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

What Can You Really Say?

Last night I was beginning a blog about the joy of the Olympic Games. About the joy that London is feeling at being awarded them and the actual joy and excitement that I experience in 1993 when the Games were announced as belonging to Sydney and the spirit that was so strong during the Games in 2000.

Then my father called me to the television. Sky News were saying there was power surges in London and showing the huge amount of emergency crew. in the area. After watching with my dad for about ten minutes, he told me that it had to be something more. Sadly, he was right.

There were four separate incidents and as I write tonight, more than twenty-four hours after the events, there are fifty two people confirmed dead. Fifty two people too many. Seven hundred people injured. Seven hundred people too many.

As I watched the images on the televisions, read reports on the internet and saw the images and read blogs of people in London, I felt helpless. I was watching this happen and I could do nothing. The tears streamed down and all I wanted to do was something to stop the pain that these people were feeling. But I couldn't.

Only hours earlier, Londoners were rejoicing in the euphoria of being rewarded the Olympics in 2012. Now they were dealing with attacks on people who were simply going about their daily business.

There is a wealth of information coming from the people who were directly there. Especially pictures that really illustrate the extent of the suffering through visuals that really shock you. As much as the modern technology is helpful in some aspects, I feel like such a voyeur being too close to the suffering. It seems wrong.

The incidents have already been politicised. From the moment that Tony Blair gave his first comments after the attacks he was beginning the arrogant mentality that exists - "we're so great and they're so bad". Then he came out with the rest of his G8 buddies to speak again and the only thing that screamed out to me? They were all men. Bush was also there to turn this back to on his little 'War on Terror' as Liberal Serving highlights.

Once again, the media together with politicians have been about to drum up this "terrorist" speak, specifically, the hate towards Muslims. But AmericaBlog points out that not all were doing this.

What we must remember firstly is that the media trying to work out whom to "blame" is futile. It does not matter who did but that it occurred. We must be aware that when we prescribe these events on actions and groups, other information can come out. While a lot of the information is coming through the traditional corporate means (CNN, Reuters, BBC, FoxNews etc), we must look at alternative means such as What Really Happened? Not because either is automatically true or automatically false but for perspective. To give ourselves many sides of the situation so that we can make informed choices as The Stick Figure Man points out, we may be discouraged from doing.

Finally, my thoughts are with the Londoners at this time as innocent people were killed and injured. Just like my thoughts are with the innocent people who are and have been killed and injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Horrific and barbaric attacks are not a part of one culture but sadly, exist in both the West and East. As a Westerner, I believe it is important for us to understand the 'other' perspective. The West's treatment of the East is just as bad as the things that have occurred in New York, Madrid, Bali and London. No, it doesn't make what occurred in London on Thursday night right because the taking of a human life is always wrong.