Do You See What I See?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Birth And The Help

Media Girl has a very thoughtful post on the debate that rages about when life begins. A good argument especially about the need to neon sign the wonderful contribution of Little Ol' Spermy.

Bloodless Coup highlights the contribution that Planned Parenthood makes to women's lives and that it is not just about abortion and birth control as others would want you to believe. Whilst we don't have PP over here, anything that provides medical care to people who can not afford it, as blinky's post highlights, is very important as healthcare shouldn't depend on how many zeros (or lack there of) in your bank account.

Usless snippet of the day: Happened to catch two minutes of Bold an the Beautiful to see the degree that botox can take a certain Taylor and shocked that the twin girls are seventeen. Last time I caught two seconds of the show, they were brunette (rather than a shade of orange) and twelve. Ahhh, growing up in the soap world.